OpenRemote has started

The OpenRemote Project launches to transform Remote Operation Center design with open-source innovation

The OpenRemote project is set to revolutionize the design of remote operation centers by introducing open-source tools. Building upon the success of the OpenBridge Design System, a leader in the maritime industry, this project will extend its reach to include remote and autonomous maritime operations.

OpenRemote early concept for workplace design. Image: OICL

The initiative is a collaborative effort involving 22 key players from industry, government, and academia, led by the Ocean Industries Concept Lab (OICL): Vard, Kongsberg Maritime, Norwegian Maritime Authority, Norwegian Coastal Administration - Kystverket, SINTEF Ocean, NTNU, SEAM, Marine Technologies LLC, DNV, Halogen, Norwegian Electric Systems, Maritime Robotics, Skipper, Lloyd's Register, Fugro, Brunvoll, Marine Institute, NAVTOR, ioStudioTech AS. All participants are committed to pioneering human-centered design guidelines through open innovation processes.

The maritime industry is swiftly transitioning to land-based monitoring and control of vessels. Many new land-based workplaces are already supported by software from a range of specialized vendors. However, there is a notable absence of design guidance to ensure these workplaces provide a consistent user interface design across all systems. This lack of guidance increases the likelihood of replicating existing challenges of difficult-to-use workplaces found on ships. The OpenRemote project brings together leading actors in this field, all of whom have agreed to use open innovation to develop open-source design resources. These resources will support the consistent designing of state-of-the-art workplaces and their user interface. By incorporating these new guidelines into the already established and rapidly growing #OpenBridge Design System, the project aims to ensure design consistency across maritime workplaces, whether on land or at sea.

"We have previously seen the success of applying open innovation and voluntary guidelines to enhance maritime workplaces. By extending the capabilities of the existing design guidance for ships, we aim to introduce new ROC (Remote Operation Center) design guidelines. These will assist the industry in realizing safe and efficient ROC designs," Professor Kjetil Nordby, the Leader of OpenBridge projects, commented.
OpenRemote kickoff participants. Image: OICL

About OpenBridge: It is an open-source design research platform that supports the design of maritime workplaces. Its influence is steadily growing within the maritime industry, enabling the realization of consistent and modern user interfaces across various independent maritime equipment vendors. The resources are accessible at Open Bridge website.