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User interfaces that enable ship operators to make energy-efficient decisions are an important part of the maritime industry's push towards lowering carbon emissions regardless of the energy carrier. Today, there is a shortage of design standards and precedence that can support user interfaces which makes it natural and intuitive for ship navigators to use while placing conscious energy efficiency at the core of their decision-making. This is a challenge for the entire industry since the lack of available design guidance can reduce the effect of investment in reducing carbon emissions in the sector. Ocean Industries Concept Lab believes that there are untapped emission reduction potentials, waiting to be harvested through better maritime user interface design standards.

#OpenBridge has always supported the design and operation of safe and efficient workplaces. We are now looking for partners who are interested in collaboratively building OpenBridge user interface components and design patterns that support energy-efficient decision-making. By integrating design guidance for energy efficiency directly into OpenBridge, we believe we can make a significant impact on global maritime emissions. We are assembling a group of industry and academic partners, willing to work with open innovation through a joint research proposal. You can read more and register your interest on this online form if your company consider joining the effort:

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